New Age Thought and Spirituality

Studies of the Human Aura

by K.L.M. Kathel
Copyright© 1985
All Rights Reserved

The Human Aura

This section will be devoted to the study of the aura. The primary focus will be on the Human Aura. As these pages increase I would also like to include other topics that relate to the study of the human aura such as the study of chakras because the two are inexplicably intertwined.

Articles and Essays About the Human Aura


To give you a brief summary of what you will find by clicking on the links above. 'The Human Aura' is a simplistic essay written by me many years ago in an attempt to equate the human aura with biblical scripture as well as with the study of light and magnetics.

My Chakra Chart is the culmination of many years of investigative work. This chart spans 10 columns and is really too big for website display. Yet, I have presented it anyway for all those interested in viewing it. Just be patient because it may take a very long time to load depending upon your internet connection. To see a more condensed version that is easier to read Click Here!

The sample aura called Narmada Sands was send to me via email by someone who was rather excited about his Kirlin photographs of himself while holding Sands from Narmada. I make no claims as to the accuracy of those photos, but present them because they are esthetically pleasing.

The Flaming Rose' is a visual representation of what an aura can look like to the human eye. In the case at hand, that eye was mine. A note to the reader, please. Many years ago after I had begun meditative practice in ernest I had started to see 'The Human Aura'. That was a long time ago, and I do not now see in the same way.

As to the study of 'The Human Aura' In brief, 'The Human Aura' consist of the electromagnetic force field surrounding the physical body. This is the the physical aura. Yet this is just the beginning. Anyone with clairvoyant sight will tell you that there are several portions to the 'The Human Aura.' Primarily they consist of The Physical Aura; 'The Emotional Aura; The Mental Aura and The Spiritual Aura. Psychically gifted people are prone toward seeing or sensing any one of them; but may not always see all of them. For example, pastlife readers may be able to read from the spiritual aura, but one would have to be gifted in the healing arts to see the physical auras. Generally speaking, however, most everyone can feel or sense the emotional aura although they may not even be aware of it.