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Welcome to Your friendly source for New Age Thought, information and hopefully enlightenment. Think of us as a doorway into the unknown realm of psychic phenomenon, of things that are and of things that are not. What started out as a personal quest has now become a service I provide to any online surfer who makes their way to It is in fact, my own personal spiritual haven geared for the NewAge thinker. And no, it is not a real place in time and space, but a virtual esoteric center for NewAge spirituality and concepts. Think of it as my way of bringing a little peace and comfort to a troubled world. A way for me to make a difference and to reach out and touch people because that has always been my primary goal.

The Mysteries of God

Perplexed by adult groups that foster the mundane or disenchanted by secretive or elite groups that fail to answer your inner-most questions? Then by entering you have come to the right place for spiritual enlightenment, guidance and understanding. Learn about the Mysteries of God from one who has seen the light and heard its celestial song. Have your spiritual needs met as you help others along the way. Come and be with us for a truly enlightened Internet experience.

My Spiritual Haven

Designed to meet the needs of all those who wish to learn more about, the Mysteries of God and what others call psychic phenomenon; but in simple down to earth terms; and in terms meant to uplift the soul as we maintain a healthy and balanced outlook for Body-Mind-Soul by staying well grounded in this reality. My primary focal points of interest embody such topics as the Human Aura, Chakras, Meditation and Healing but we are anxious to learn about yours; so please feel free to join the ongoing conversation in any one of our New Age discussion forums. We may feel alone in our choice of interest but we don't have to be alone. Those of us who are having a mystical or psychic experience may feel different, and shy aware from expressing their spiritual views for fear of rejection, but in reality, we are merely exercising our God-Given right to be who and what we were born to be---Not humans who are having a spiritual experience but rather, spiritual beings who are having a human experience. And this I do say because we are spirits first, people second. By combining the two we are spritual human beings---all!

Projection of the Spirit

I am also very interested in Near-Death Experiences, Out-of-Body Experiences, Astral Projection and in general any mystical experiences that can not be easily explained or wished away. Mine happened to me when I was eleven years old but it does not fall into the category of your ordinary Near Death. Since I rose above the astral plane it does not meet the criteria of an Astral Projection either. I like to think of it as my own personal Spontaneous Projection or a Nirvanic Experience. Perhaps you have had an NDE, AP or OOBE too. If so, please feel free to post your experience or you may email me. I would love to hear about it.

Comparative Religions

Another interest of mine is the study of Comparative Religions and also Esoteric Christianity. My interest centers on Christianity because that is the religion I was born into; yet through the years I have learned to embrace other Eastern religions and to make comparisons--primarily to help understand my own better. I have produced several Paralleled comparisons as well as creating the Song of Mark a New Age paraphrase of Mark's Gospel. By studying Theosophy and the writings of Madame' Blavatsky, Charles W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and A.E. Powell I have come to cherish the Buddhist scriptures and do find remarkable parallels to what many are now calling the New Age.

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